Hello to all piano enthusiasts! Beginning piano players often turn to the internet and look for free piano lessons online that they hope will teach them everything about how to play the piano in a short amount of time. I understand the hope, but the truth is that when looking for piano lessons, piano tutorials, and other piano learning software or tools on the internet, there is just too much useless information out there. There are however, some very good tools for beginners and even the more advanced piano players to sharpen their skills with.

So I've decided that I should probably put up a piano learning site to help out the many pianists out there looking for truly useful information on how to learn to play the piano. So first off, let me explain a little bit about the reason why I put this piano site together.

During the many years that I have been playing and teaching piano, I have noticed the most common mistakes that beginning pianists usually make. I have realized that so many of these beginning piano players, though they have the drive, they simply just do not have the proper tools and learning material needed to learn how to play piano correctly.

I have created this site to assist beginning and intermediate piano players. If you really want to improve your piano playing while avoiding the many common mistakes in your journey of learning the piano, then the piano resources on the various pages of this site could be valuable information for you. I’ve attempted to cover the necessary information from the total basics to help you get started playing piano, and on through to the point where you will probably be able to at least start playing some basic songs on the piano soon.

You will find other useful piano information here also, from more than just piano information here, but also some reviews on the best piano learning software and tools on the internet as well. You will want to continue your piano playing education beyond just this website, so we have provided a few different avenues to learn to play piano from various places.

Make sure to read our reviews before you decide purchase any kind of piano lesson material online though! There are way too many piano tutorial software scams out there, and we have tested the majority of them ourselves. The ones reviewed on this site are the best of the best, and an inexpensive way to learn piano playing techniques.

Please take your time and don't get stressed about learning to play piano, you can work at your own pace, but follow through these piano tutorials and practice. Make sure to enjoy the process of learning. You won't have an instructor (other than yourself) breathing down your back and giving you assignments, as I said, you can be self-paced and relaxed as you learn. Your piano playing skills will improve every day!

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